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You call the bet and raise it three! It's a Full House every time you play a Poker Tournament when you have a brilliantly designed card protector from PokerGuard®.

PokerGuard® Card Protectors allow you to protect your cards w class and distinction. Each protector is made from one solid ounce of 99.9% Pure Silver or Sterling Silver

Professionally crafted using 31 grams of silver (1 Troy Ounce), equivalent to the weight of approximately 3 - 4 clay poker chips. In addition, PokerGuard® Card Protectors can be custom engraved on the reverse side, making this magnificent piece a must-have at every poker game!

Ask any seasoned poker player- they've almost all lost a mucked hand in error. Don't let this happen to you. Protect your hand in style, with the respect the game deserves.

Select your customized PokerGuard® Card Protector today - satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

A Good Argument for Card Protectors:

All our protectors are made in the USA!
These make a great poker gift!